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. Stay up to date on all Program changes such as

 the 2016 Modernization Order.


. Understanding the Technology Needs of  a School

  Districts and Identify Opportunities that may

  Save Money on Telecommunication and Internet



. Identify all E-rate Funding


. Complete all application forms, fillings and

  required Correspondence.


. Manage , file and store all relevant paperwork

  associated with your application.

. Answer all program (Integrity assurance 9PIA)



. Prepare and file SLD and FCC Appeals.


. Review Free & Reduced Figures and provide

  guidance to maximize E-Rate Discounts


. Answer compliance questions and eligibility



. Prepare and Follow-up with service substitutions

  and SPIN Number Changes.


. Answer questions concerning E-Rate Policies


. Review Applications

Our goal is to  become your E-Rate compliance partner while also allowing school districts to completely outsource

the E-Rate application process. Without adding to your overhead, PDS  E-Rate becomes an extension of your team and gives you the dedication of seasoned E-Rate consulting specialist.