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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: You must be employed 6 months prior to enrolling into the Child Support  Benefit Plan


    How can I get the Child Support Benefit Plan?

    Because Child Support Benefit Plan is actually a SAFETY NET, your best bet is calling us for a competitive quote. You'll get to

    talk with one of our professionals on how to protect your financial future with Child Support Benefit Plan.


    Is the Child Support Benefit Plan right for me?

    During tough economic times where jobs are cut every day, it is wise to financially provide for an uncertain future. Child

    Support Benefit Plan will give you peace of mind that should prevent costly expense to go unpaid. So talk to PDS, Inc. Benefit

    agent today about the Child Support Benefit Plan.


    Can I purchase the Child Support Benefit Plan if I'm self employed?

    If you are self employed or own more than 10% of the company that employs you then typically you are not eligible for this

    type of plan.


    "When does my child Support Benefit Plan starts making payments?"

    30 days after you have been laid off or terminated your benefits will begin.


   "Will I be receiving the payments from my child support benefit plan?"

    Payments will be made directly to the child support  enforcement."


    "Does the Benefit Plan cover arrears child support?"

    Unfortunately, arrears payments are not covered.