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314 Fame Film and Television Office
 WELCOME The 314 Fame Film and television Office, the Official Arts and Entertainment office of Missouri. Non-Profit / For Profit The 314 FAME OFFICE is a for-profit organization. Though our data-base and many of our services are free, we are housed in a 50,000 sq. ft. production facility and many of our services are performed in-house. Our mission is building and expansion the arts and entertainment business in the state of Missouri. Our purpose is to support the rapidly growing and diverse arts and entertainment movement in the Missouri / Midwest market. The office is working to streamline the permitting process for all types of films and video shoots, facilitate the engagement of local talent and management companies capable of supplying talent, cast and crew, set designers, builders, prop suppliers and shipping experts, remote crews and others needed for productions in Missouri. We facilitate production related education and training opportunities, documentation for SAG / AFTRA projects, typical professional production checklist, a liaison to help facilitate production in similar municipalities, businesses and residence. RESOURCES In addition to streamlining the time and process for permitting for filming on public property in the State of Missouri, the 314 Fame office provides a network of the arts and entertainment industry across the full spectrum of the arts, music, fashion, gaming, high tech, sports entertainment , pro audio and more. Like other film offices across the nation, the Missouri Fame office can provide thousands of professional contacts to assist with all phases of development in any production. In the State of Missouri, cities like Kansas City and St. Louis, the film and television industry is alive and well. Each week new projects in the film and television projects are starting production. The community of professional production personnel is growing and the talent pool is getting deeper each day. THE LOCATION Missouri is unique in that you as a film maker can find every part of America within our borders. New metropolitan cities, old town Mayberry like towns, remote farm towns, towns with urban neglect and town with urban renewal, mining towns, boating towns, caves, mountains and fields of ever stripe. What ever your vision, let us help you to locate it so your production rings as true as written. This office is new and the primary film office in the city of St. Louis. and one that actively services the entire State of Missouri. This office offers a wide variety of services through our members and associates. These services are listed but not limited to the list below. TALENT MANAGEMENT ~ PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT~ PRODUCT PLACEMENT PAID & NON-PAID ENDORSEMENTS~NEW MEDIA ADVERTISING SITE~ SCOUTING~ PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT~ SCRIPT BREAKDOWN PRE-PRODUCTION SERVICES~FILM FESTIVAL SUBMISSIONS~WEB SITE DEVELOPMENT~FILM BUDGET DEVELOPMENT~FILM & TV MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING SERVICES~PRIVATE FILM SCREENING ~ HOLLYWOOD SCREENINGS FILM FINANCING DEVELOPMENT CASTING FOR FILM AND TV FILM PLAN DEVELOPMENT ~TAX CREDIT BREAKDOWNS~MUSIC AND FILM TITLE CLEARANCE AND COPYRIGHTS~CONTRACT SERVICES FOR FILM, TV AND MUSIC