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PUBLISHING We add the business plan to the marketing strategy

In the music business, no star is made or even considered if they can't tour or work to promote their own product. If a product has potential, we work to maximize that potential through editing and original text and artwork. Then we test the product to ensure that we are not missing opportunities for our clients or an opportinity to serve our customers better.

 Millennium Digital Publishing Millennium Digital publishing (MDP) is a full service international publishing company and a division of The Millennium Entertainment Group Inc. We sign, produce and publish International musical artist of all genres and unsigned authors for e-books, audio books, magazines and other printed materials. Our services include the development of the product and the assignment of a publicist to assist in the promotion and marketing of the books and other products we sell, and a veteran talent manager to assist with the sale and promotion of the musical products that we carry. Meet the crew. Our crew is always here to assist you in your careers journey, we are excited to meet you. Come and meet us.


D. LaGrone

VP Comm          S. Baptiste PhD

Charity Director       J. LaCroix

Chief Legal          Judge D. Martin

VP. Publishing         B. Harte

Talent Development         M. Goodwin